An Irosmic Tragedy

An Irosmic Tragedy (2016)

An Irosmic Tragedy is Alms’ journey through life, divided in its three main stages according to Omarakanans’ terms: U’ula (childhood), Tapwala (adulthood) and Doginala (elderhood). Another symphonic album which can be interpreted as the «prequel» to Beyond.

This time, Aitor would count on some collaborators:

  • Luis Arnaldo: Drums
  • Eduardo G. Salueña: Keyboards
  • Héctor Braga: Cello and Viola
  • Noelia Fernández: Voice
  • Pepe Boada: Artwork
  • Aitor Lucena: Everything else
  1. U’ula (13:34)
  2. Tapwala (14:28)
  3. Doginala (14:39)